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Mrs. Holli Schneider » Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules

Our classroom rules

Rule 1. Listen when your teacher is talking.

Rule 2. Follow directions quickly.

Rule 3. Respect others. Respect yourself. Respect your school.

Rule 4. Raise your hand to speak to the class.

Rule 5. Be safe. Be kind. Be honest.


Color Chart:

Purple - Super

Blue - Great

Green - Ready to Learn (where everyone starts each day)

Yellow - 5 minutes of time out

Orange - 10 minutes of time out

Red - Office Visit


Check marks:

If a student exhibits a negative behavior, he is given a verbal redirection and a note is made on the teacher's sheet. (This allows for specific feedback for parents and admin, if needed.) Three (3) "sad notes" will result in a clip change down the chart, leading to a timeout. Three (3) clip changes will result in a visit to the office.

If a student exhibits positive behaviors, he can receive a compliment. Three (3) compliments will result in a clip change up the chart. Each "clip up" leads to a sticker on his chart and a full row of stickers will allow a visit to the treasure box. 


Students are always given a verbal warning to correct their behaviors (disruptive, not following directions, etc).

If a student is being physical, aggressive, or purposefully disrespectful, the clip is moved immediately and may result in a visit to the office. 

Students are addressed immediately to let them know “why” they receive sad notes and/or when their clips are being moved. They are spoken to again when they serve their “time-outs,” either at recess, stations, or another appropriate time of the day. It is important for students to understand that their behaviors have both expectations and consequences. Having these conversations is a great way to build that understanding. 


Parents receive notification of the behavior (negative or positive) by looking at the behavior calendar that is in the daily binder. Parents are asked to sign each day to show that they have seen how their students behaved in school, promoting open communication and a partnership between parents and myself.