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Welcome to the Huffman Elementary School webpage!  Go Falcons!

Welcome to Music Class!

We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.
Welcome to music at Huffman Elementary! We love to sing, dance, play games and instruments, and make music together! Check back regularly for updates on upcoming programs and events, musical family activities, and snapshots of all the fun we're having! Thanks for stopping by!
While we're all stuck at home, why not try a few of these? :)
How to Play Musical Spoons
Bucket Drumming Challenge- Uptown Funk
Use a coffee canister, oatmeal container, or yogurt tub and some straws or utensils if you need to!
Learn the Cup Game from Kaboom Percussion- follow the i icon for tutorials
Music Play Online
Learn music concepts through online modules and play music games! Some of these songs will be very familiar from music class!
San Francisco Symphony Kids Site
Laurie Berkner
As many of you know, I have two very young children (3 and 5), and Laurie Berkner is one of our very favorites! If you have children in Pre-K or Kindergarten, they will probably recognize a few of these from class! Our very favorites in class are The Goldfish, Fast and Slow, and We are the Dinosaurs. She also has a wonderful audio series on Audible called Laurie Berkner's Song and Story Kitchen!


Stars and Stripes Forever Tennis Ball Challenge!

This game was one of your favorites! Follow along and try to keep a steady beat while doing a few simple tricks with a tennis ball. Challenge your siblings- or even your parents!- to last longer than you! You can even make up your own steady beat tricks, or change up the song and try these tricks to another tune! Have fun!

Hi, I'm your music teacher! My name is Mrs. Castañeda, but everyone just calls me Mrs. C. I grew up here in Houston, and I'm happily married and have two beautiful children. Music is one of my greatest joys and deepest passions, and I love spending every day sharing it with the amazing students here at HES!